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Private Class -

This is one on one instruction with Brian Brazeal at our place in Brandon Mississippi, for 5 or 7 days. It is designed to improve your forging skills whether you are a blacksmith, farrier or knife maker.  
The class concentrates on forging techniques that move metal and the "elements of forging" while you forge the tools you need. Longer classes provide more time to work on more techniques like forge welding, jewelry, collaring etc.
Class cost per person is: 5 day 1750., 7 days 2250. Including all meals and a place to lay your head at night.  (there are motels nearby if you prefer)
You bring your safety gear and know the size of your hardy hole. It is helpful  if you watch Brian's videos before you arrive.

No experience required for classes.

The first half of the day of class you forge a Brian Brazeal hot cut and a "forged to finish" hammer, the two tools you use to make everything else in forging. After that it is what the student wishes to work on, "tools to make tools" curriculum, forge welding, joinery, etc.
While these are not "project classes", they are about technique, projects are completed. Please see:  (photo albums)

The goal of this class is to help you to understand what the metal does when you work it between the two dies. Forging is an exact science. The top die, (your hammer) and the bottom die (your anvil) are precise, The metal will do the same thing every time you use dies to shape it. The top die can be of many different forms, (round face, cross peen, flat face, straight peen, and any of these in multiple sizes) the bottom die can be many different surfaces as well. The near side of the anvil, whether it is a round or square edge, the far side of the anvil. The horn, large round surface and small round surface.

Clinics, demos and workshops in you venue are also available and costs vary depending on type of event.

For more information and scheduling,  email Karen at

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  1. Mr. Brazeal, Do you sell any of your creations? Such as the Rounding Hammers?